Most underrated horror films from the 1980s

Most underrated horror films from the 1980s

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"he 1980s was a pinnacle decade for horror; imaginations went wild, practical special effects were seeing a huge improvement, and on a whole – the envelope was constantly being pushed further and further. The momentum of the genres explosion gave birth to classics that are still held in high regard; films such as ‘Hellraiser’, ‘The Evil Dead, ‘Re-Animator’ and ‘The Shining’.

This list, however, is holding a light to 25 films that have not quite had the lasting acclaim of other 80s horror films; they may be considered unsuccessful sequels, forgotten or overlooked, or were simply panned upon release. Regardless – they can all be considered to be underrated in one way or another. All of the films score lower than 60% on Rotten Tomatoes (signifying ‘rotten’ or not rated) and lower than 7.0 on IMDb.

It goes without saying that these films are not often ranked as masterpieces and some people may think that the respective comments here are outrageously kind – but, avoiding these films based on those scores may cause you to miss out on an excellent horror film. Go into any of these films in a slightly forgiving mood and you may be pleasantly surprised."

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