Beach Party
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Beach Party

Beach Party

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Beach Party “ En 1963, les Disney-Girls sont très très très sympas ! Et légèrement vêtues. ” — Arch_Stanton 6 janvier 2016
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Réalisé par William Asher
Écrit par Lou Rusoff

États-Unis - 1h41 - Comédie
Sortie le 7 août 1963


Beach Party (1963) was the first of seven beach party films from American International Pictures (AIP) aimed at a teen audience. It was directed by [William Asher|a:William-Asher] and written by Lou Rusoff. The main actors included [Robert Cummings|a:Robert-Cummings], [Dorothy Malone|a:Dorothy-Malone], [Frankie Avalon|a:Frankie-Avalon], and [Annette Funicello|a:Annette-Funicello]. This film is often credited with creating the beach party film genre.

One of the unique aspects of the AIP beach films is the absence of parents or any other authority figures. This gang of independent, fun-loving teenagers (portrayed by actors in their 20s) are free to do whatever they want and live on their own terms in summer houses along the beach. This first film includes a romantic sub-plot about two adult characters (Cummings and Malone) that was only repeated once in subsequent films, in 1964's Bikini Beach.

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